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Is a GP fund right for your deal?

Posted by Abby Mackey, Tax Manager on Feb 27, 2018

Sponsors are often on the hunt for innovative ways to fund their real estate projects, particularly when they find themselves under capital constraints that limit their ability to invest. Some sponsors turn to general partner (“GP”) funds to meet their capital contribution obligations while maintaining the freedom to invest in additional projects.

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Triple net lease investments

Posted by Abby Mackey, Tax Manager on Oct 5, 2016

Due diligence is key

Properties with triple net leases offer investors several advantages, but the primary one is the opportunity to receive a steady stream of income with minimal management responsibilities for the property. This is because the tenant is responsible for paying real estate taxes, insurance, and property maintenance.

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New tax law offers PATH to savings

Posted by Abby Mackey, Tax Manager on Jul 13, 2016

In late December 2015, President Obama signed H.R. 2029, which includes provisions that created the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (the "PATH Act"). The wide-ranging tax law makes permanent or extends three breaks that have proven popular with many taxpayers in the real estate industry. These provisions can make it easier for taxpayers to expense or recover the costs of certain types of property related to their businesses, rather than depreciating them over lengthy recovery periods.

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IRC Section 1231: It’s the best of both worlds

Posted by Abby Mackey, Tax Manager on Feb 3, 2016
Most owners and developers know that the sale of a business asset, including real estate, can have significant tax implications. The tax effects generally come down to whether the sale results in a gain or a loss. Ideally, gains would be treated as long-term capital gains, subject to lower tax rates, and losses would be considered ordinary losses, which could be applied to offset ordinary income. Section 1231 of the Internal Revenue Code ("IRC") permits just such advantageous treatment—the best of both worlds—for certain types of property in certain circumstances.
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Steps To Identity Theft Recovery

Posted by Abby Mackey, Tax Manager on Aug 4, 2015
Have you or someone you know experienced tax identity theft? For the 2014 tax year there were a staggering number of tax identity theft cases filed with the Federal Trade Commission—more than 330,000! Sixty-three percent of CPAs who answered the 2015 tax software survey conducted by The Tax Adviser and Journal of Accountancy said at least one of their clients was a victim of tax identity theft during the 2015 filing season.


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