Babita Sherchan, Senior Manager, Assurance Services

Babita began her career at LGT in 2012. She has over five years experience in auditing not-for profits, government entities, and schools. She plans, runs, and executes the audit engagements as well as trains the staff and interns .

Recent Posts

What’s the difference between not-for-profit and for-profit financial reporting?

Board members and new staff from a for-profit background don’t always grasp the differences between the for-profit and not-for-profit ("NFP") worlds. One area of significant variation is their financial reporting approach, including both goals and practices.

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Topics: Accounting Tips, Not-for-Profit, Tax, Reporting, Financial

Credit card use: Having a policy can thwart misuse

When it comes to fraud in any organization, credit cards are frequently a fraudster’s tool. Because the use of credit cards is so commonplace today, there’s always the risk of improper charges to your account. Credit card misuse could hurt your organization financially and jeopardize its reputation in the community.

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Topics: Accounting Tips, Not-for-Profit, Audit