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Bell is a social media and marketing professional at Lane Gorman Trubitt.

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Best Practices from a Managing Partner

Posted by Bell Holder on Sep 2, 2020

Every year Accounting Today releases a list of the year’s managing partner elite. Lane Gorman Trubitt is excited to announce that Lee Ann Collins, managing partner at LGT, made the list.

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The Remote Workforce: Issues that we have dealt with so far

Posted by Bell Holder on Mar 20, 2020

This is not another article about how to keep your office safe from COVID-19. You are being bombarded with content about washing your hands and sterilizing surfaces; you get it. This is also not an article about how to work from home. There are many articles out there that tell you the major points of set a schedule, don’t wear pjs, etc. This is also not an article about how we are protecting our clients and employees, you can find that article here

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The State of the Millennial

Posted by Bell Holder on Nov 30, 2018

Recently Ernst & Young (EY), completed their millennial survey. They surveyed 1,202 individuals between the ages of 20 and 36 across the United States. Their results show that millennials are changing but are not always staying well informed.

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