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How to Create Your Story

In a previous article Josh discussed the importance of brand voice for your organization and the impact it can have on prospects and clients. In part two, he discusses how to create your story. You can see the first part here.

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Tell Your Story: Books and Brands

For centuries the word “brand” has been used in order to establish ownership of particular material items. Artistic works have long borne the mark their creators, livestock have been branded to show ownership, and countries’ symbols have covered the landscape.

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A look inside the 2018 manufacturing survey

For the second year, the Leading Edge Alliance (“LEA”), has conducted a Manufacturing Outlook and Insights survey with participants across the country. This year there was a 75% increase in participation. Overall, the survey resulted in a positive outlook for individual businesses, the industry as a whole, and the economy. There were several factors that contributed to the positivity: some of the factors were intrinsic, while others were from outside sources, such as the growing U.S. economy. Let’s take a look inside some of the survey results and dig deeper into the future of the manufacturing industry.


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