Jules Meineke, CPA, Supervisor, Accounting & Consulting Services

Jules, serving as a supervising senior, joined our accounting and consulting services team in 2012 bringing a breadth of energy to our firm. During her tenure, she has gained a great deal of experience providing clients with individual, corporate, and partnership financial accounting and tax services. Clients benefit from Jules’ insight in computer software setup and training, payroll and sales tax return preparation, financial analysis, along with small business consultations and planning. Additionally, Jules invests a great deal of effort in specializing in the healthcare and not-for-profit industries.

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Strategic planning: A better “real-time” approach

“Life moves pretty fast.” So observed Ferris Bueller back in the summer of 1986 — and that pace has only accelerated in the 30+ years since. Yet many not-for-profits continue to take an old-school approach to strategic planning, spending months or even years to develop formal written plans that lay out specific goals for set periods of time.

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Topics: Not-for-Profit, Strategic Planning

What can you do about the opioid crisis?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 130 people die every day in the United States from opioid overdoses. As these numbers continue to rise, the misuse of and addiction to opioids has become a national crisis.

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8 Steps to a More Efficient Practice

Let’s face it — most business and medical practices don’t have the problem of being too efficient in their operations. On the contrary, many medical practices suffer from a range of bottlenecks and redundancies that waste time and energy. These broadly fall into several practice areas, including the front office, the back office and the physicians. Here are eight areas to home in on to improve procedures and reduce waste.

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Changing the Rules: The TCJA and how it effects UBI

As the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) made its way through Congress, many nonprofits understandably focused on the provisions likely to affect charitable giving. But the law also contains some significant requirements affecting unrelated business income (UBI). If you engage in “unrelated business” — and even if you don’t — you could find that your unrelated business income tax (UBIT) liability increases under the new law.

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Topics: Accounting Tips, Not-for-Profit, accounting, TCJA, UBI

Navigating a shifting landscape

Every medical practice faces ongoing challenges in maintaining a successful bottom line. New challenges arise whenever Medicare and Medicaid policy, or the economy, changes. Still, a handful of problems rise to the top in most medical practices. Here are some ideas for solving them before they become overwhelming.

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Topics: Accounting Tips, Healthcare, Financial, consulting, doctors, accounting

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