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Identifying Opportunities for Improvement in Your Health Care Practice

Posted by Scott Gorby, Staff II, ACS on Feb 24, 2020

On average, doctors spend two-thirds of their workdays filling out paperwork, which restricts the time they spend with patients. This is largely a result of health care regulations, which make it time-consuming for doctors to enter orders into the system’s computer and can be more efficiently managed by administrative staff.

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Topics: Healthcare

Donor Statements are the Key to Building Trust and Accountability

Posted by Scott Gorby, Staff II, ACS on Feb 3, 2020

Donors have a desire to make a difference. This is why they seek organizations that align with their own personal missions and make an impact in their communities.

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Topics: Not-for-Profit, Donor Statements

Employee theft: Don’t take chances with your practice

Posted by Scott Gorby, Staff II, ACS on Jul 29, 2019

At a time when reimbursement rates are being squeezed, what you don’t need is someone surreptitiously removing money from your practice. Yet, that’s exactly what some staff members are doing to the practices that employ them.

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Topics: Healthcare, fraud prevention, Internal Controls

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