Tax Update: Investment Interest Expense

Posted by lgtcpa on Jul 13, 2016

Investment interest — interest on debt used to buy assets held for investment, such as margin debt used to buy securities — is deductible for both regular tax and AMT purposes. But special rules apply.

Your investment interest deduction is limited to your net investment income, which generally includes taxable interest, nonqualified dividends and net short-term capital gains (but not long-term capital gains), reduced by other investment expenses. Any disallowed interest is carried forward, and you can deduct it in a later year if you have excess net investment income.

You may elect to treat net long-term capital gains or qualified dividends as investment income in order to deduct more of your investment interest. But if you do, that portion of the long-term capital gain or dividend is taxed at ordinary-income rates.

Payments a short seller makes to the stock lender in lieu of dividends may be deductible as an investment interest expense. But interest on debt used to buy securities that pay tax-exempt income, such as municipal bonds, isn’t deductible.

Also keep in mind that passive interest expense — interest on debt incurred to fund passive activity expenditures — becomes part of your overall passive activity income or loss, subject to limitations.

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