The Importance of Insurance Policy Retention

Obtaining appropriate insurance coverage may be the first and only step dealerships take when it comes to their company's insurance policy.  As policies expire, deleting or shredding the old policy may be practice out of habit, and the dealership may never think of that policy timeframe or documentation again until it may be too late.  This article addresses the importance of retaining expired policies and the types of situations that dealerships would need to produce the expired policy if an unfortunate circumstance was ever to arise.

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How to Mitigate Disaster with Interruption Insurance

Posted by Trey Hardy, Tax Supervising Senior on Oct 23, 2018

No part of the country is immune from disaster. Whether your construction company operates near water or in a desert, in the city or the suburbs, a natural calamity could stop you in your tracks and even put you out of business. For this reason, it’s a good idea for every contractor to at least consider business interruption insurance.

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