Wayfair Celebrates its 2-Year Anniversary in the Middle of a Pandemic

This past June 21st marked the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair.  That decision eliminated the physical presence test for sales tax nexus and blessed the states using an “economic nexus” test. 

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Texas made changes to the state tax rules because of COVID-19

Federal taxes are not the only tax liabilities impacted by COVID-19.  Various state and local taxing jurisdictions are also grappling with how to balance the desire to help taxpayers navigate these difficult times with their need for tax revenue to continue offering the services and resources critical to citizens. While the federal government can spend more money than they take in, state governments do not have that luxury.  Consequently, the tax relief being offered varies greatly by jurisdiction and by tax type.  This blog post addresses how the State of Texas has responded to this crisis and what taxpayers can expect going forward.  Many of the items discussed below are also discussed at the Comptroller’s website, where there is a dedicated COVID-19 resources page.

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Comptroller’s Office Extends Texas Franchise Tax Deadline

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and following the lead of the IRS, Glenn Hegar, Comptroller for the State of Texas, announced that state franchise tax filings that are ordinarily due on May 15th are extended until July 15th.

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2019: Texas Legislature Update

The 86th Texas Legislature did not pass many tax-related bills, but those that passed could have significant consequences. 

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The Wayfair Decision Part 2

In response to the Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair (click here for our previous article on this subject), the Texas Comptroller has adopted amendments to Rule 3.286 regarding “remote sellers” (vendors with no physical presence in Texas).  These amendments go into effect on January 1, 2019.


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Why the Wayfair Decision Could Change How You Do Business.

The Wayfair decision

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