Controlling Cash in a Down Economy

Market Update - September 15th

Why You May Need a Financial Advisor

10 Do and Don'ts to Survive Your Sales Tax Audit

Best Practices from a Managing Partner

Latest with the IRS Guidance on Payroll Tax Deferral

LGT is the Best Place to Work!

What Does Trump’s Payroll Tax Deferral Plan Mean For You?

Wealth Savings for the Long Term: Mortgage Refinance

Donor Advised Funds: Smart Giving

Preventing Cyberattacks in the Construction Industry

Running Towards Success

Four Essential Due Diligence Steps to Ensure a Successful Transaction

How to Create Your Story

Market Update for July

Wayfair Celebrates its 2-Year Anniversary in the Middle of a Pandemic

How Not-for-Profits Can Use Virtual Fundraising During the Pandemic

Sound Financial Management Helps Not-for-Profits Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Next 70 Years

Scott Gunn has Ambitious Plans for Your Money

CARES Act and Net Operating Losses

Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act

Savings 101: Pay Yourself First

Getting Ahead of Estate Planning

Boost gross profits by improving inventory management

Pivotal Guidance Regarding the PPP Loan Forgiveness

FA Market Update - May 22, 2020

FA Market Update - May 15, 2020

SBA Loan guidance on Single-Audits for Nonprofits

Not-for-Profit’s Guide to Federal COVID-19 Stimulus Legislation

Main Street Lending Program Targets Relief for Small- and Mid-size Businesses

FA Market Update - May 8, 2020

Texas made changes to the state tax rules because of COVID-19

FA Market Update - May 1, 2020

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Pitfalls

FA Market Update - April 24, 2020

FA Market Update - April 17, 2020

FDIC Sweep Program & Brokered CDs

You Have Your PPP Loan, Now What?

FA Market Update - April 10, 2020

CARES Act: Economic Impact Payments for Individuals

CARES Act: Business-Only Provisions

FA Market Update - April 3, 2020

Deferral of 2020 Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)

CARES Act: Employee Retention Credit

Comptroller’s Office Extends Texas Franchise Tax Deadline

Families First Coronavirus Response Act Deadline Approaching

CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program Loan Applications NOW Available!

CARES Act: SBA Emergency Economic Injury Disaster Loans

CARES Act: Payroll Tax Deposit Relief (Time Sensitive)

The CARES Act Update: Paycheck Protection Program

FA Market Update - March 27, 2020

COVID-19 and the Market Changes

LGT's Shelter-in-Place Modification

Tax Filing Deadline Extension

Information on the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Tell Your Story: Books and Brands

Lucas’ heart is in the right place

Six Tips for Planning a Successful Event

The Remote Workforce: Issues that we have dealt with so far

IRS 90-Day Extension on Payments

Public Speaking as an Accountant

LGT's Coronavirus Safety Measures

Partner Spotlight: Matt Peck is Managing Clients

Identifying Opportunities for Improvement in Your Health Care Practice

Driving Innovation and Investments with R&D Tax Credits

Ensuring the Success of your Construction Business

Nontraditional Partnerships for Not-for-Profits: What to Consider Before Signing On

Donor Statements are the Key to Building Trust and Accountability

How to Maximize Your Dealerships' Performance

IRS Guidance for Treatment of Rental Real Estate Under Section 199A

The SECURE Act and Its Application to Your Financial Well-Being

Partner Spotlight: Matt Dobay is Family First

Executive compensation requires careful decision-making

Partner Profiles: Shea Kracheck, CPA

Medical billing taxability changes

Personal Casualty Losses Defined

Managing Sleepless Nights: Holiday Hazards

Boost your future with a sound financial plan

Financial ratios and KPIs for your construction company

Managing Sleepless Nights: Business viability and your startup

New rules on the way for leases and contractors

Cash payments from customers call for special treatment

Pagos en efectivo requieren tratamiento especial

How is TCJA impacting your M&D company?

Strategic planning: A better “real-time” approach

2019: Texas Legislature Update

What can you do about the opioid crisis?

Managing Sleepless Nights: Making a Budget

Going green: How to run a sustainable dealership

Lease Options

The Importance of Buy-Sell Agreements

What did TCJA do for my pass-through?

Creating Cyber-Warriors From Employees

Employee theft: Don’t take chances with your practice

City of Dallas' New Paid Sick Leave

Cybersecurity: Are you at risk? Yes!

Recognizing Revenue in Not-for-Profits: The Effects of ASU 2018-08

Attracting and Retaining Talent with Equity-based Compensation

The Importance of Insurance Policy Retention

Is Your Rental Eligible for a Qualified Business Income Deduction?

Client Loyalty: More than a free pen

Business Interest Expense for M&D

Third-Party Health Care Settlements under the New Revenue Recognition Standard Pt. 2

Is a merger right for you?

Benefits of Paid Family and Medical Leave for Dealerships

A Fresh Look at the Pass-Through Deduction

Cautiously Confident: CEO projections for 2019

Like-Kind Exchange Updates and Impacts

Will Your Company Survive Your Retirement?

Third-Party Health Care Settlements under the New Revenue Recognition Standard

Is Your Company Ready For Any Kind of Disaster?

2019 Manufacturing Outlook and Insights

What if the IT Guy Died!

What is an Opportunity Zone?

Could “no-haggle” selling be right for your dealership?

8 Steps to a More Efficient Practice

Keeping Your Donors on Top of 2019 Charitable Contribution’s Tax Implications & Requirements

Benchmarking Your Dealership for Success

A Brief Q & A with Lance Trammell

Managing Sleepless Nights: Social Professionalism

Managing Sleepless Nights: Employee Retention

Make sure you know the deadline for your taxes

The Wayfair Decision Part 2

The State of the Millennial

Your contractor’s license: Don’t leave home without it

Goodwill can factor into a sale or acquisition

Artificial Intelligence is Improving How Used Cars Are Sold

How to Mitigate Disaster with Interruption Insurance

How to create a fair wage structure for your medical practice

Gift and Estate Taxes Are Changing

Year-End Tax Planning Moves

Is the TCJA Affecting Your Medical Practice?

New Law Increases Holding Period for Carried Interests

Leadership Training Can Lead to a Stronger Dealership

Using Collective Impact to Accomplish More

Why the Wayfair Decision Could Change How You Do Business.

Sooner than Later: Changes in Lease Accounting

Collaboration and the Estimator's Role

Changing the Rules: The TCJA and how it effects UBI

Should you offer Ancillary Services? Here's the Pros and Cons

Lock down financial assets with the right controls

Four ideas to counter shrinking donations under the new tax law

Sitting pretty

Navigating a shifting landscape

News for Not-for-Profits — June 2018 edition

Are you ready for the new revenue recognition standard?

Recent legislation encourages low income developments

Do you want a dynamic practice?

Seven more tips and tricks for SEO

Documentation matters in real estate professional exception

A look inside the 2018 manufacturing survey

Dig deep to determine the TCJA’s total impact

User experience and your website

New Texas Tax Amnesty Program

Four basic SEO practices

2018 Promotions at LGT

Four tips for filing this tax season

Tax update: Latest tax scam

Is a GP fund right for your deal?

New tax law raises concerns for not-for-profits

News for not-for-profits

New tax law: Individual tax changes

New tax law: Business tax changes

The tax cuts and jobs act overview

Principal named President-Elect of CREW Dallas

Five cybersecurity measures not-for-profits should take now

New rules for partnership audits

Cyber security: it’s not if, but when

Tax Update: Estate and Gift Tax

Harvey Disaster Declarations and Additional Tax Relief

The Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey – Individual Casualty Losses

Adding on to your practice

Three ways to cover your assets

How NFPs can be prepared for an audit

Harvey Victim Relief — Tax Treatment

Relief Due to Hurricane Harvey Qualified Employer Retirement Plans

Harvey Tax Relief Information

Keeping the employer and the employee content

News for not-for-profits

What’s the difference between not-for-profit and for-profit financial reporting?

Are your procurement procedures up to snuff?

Investment income:  Recognize UBI when you see it

Tax Update:  Check yourself before you tax yourself

Sec. 199 deduction looking better for contractors

Exercise caution with joint venture financing

Finding the right QI for your Section 1031 exchange

Pros and cons on joint ventures

Succession planning: Look at things from a surety’s perspective

Lack of profit objective dooms deductions for real estate activities

The WIP is good: A valuable management tool

The playbook on family

Getting your brand mix right

Make fringe benefits a symbiotic relationship

Is your dealership following these guidelines?

Why use qualified employee benefit plan auditors?

4 Ways to help stay on top of receivables

Working with the generation gap

It’s time to jump on the social media truck

Tax Update: Beware of last-minute email scams!

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