FDIC Sweep Program & Brokered CDs

Posted by Miller Bentley, Financial Advisor on Apr 15, 2020

Cash is king, so keep it safe

The past few months have brought to light some unprecedented changes in everyday life, and with those changes have come a heightened focus on health and safety. Physical health can be protected by safe distancing, washing hands, and adhering to CDC guidelines. But protecting your financial health is not always so straightforward. LGT Financial Advisors has a simple solution that allows you the flexibility for over $2.5 million of cash deposit insurance coverage through a deposit sweep program, and purchasing brokered Certificates of Deposit (CDs).



How cash can be insured

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) backs $250,000 of deposits per person, per covered institution.



How to maximize your security and minimize your anxiety

Rather than splitting up cash between multiple different banks, LGT Financial Advisors has the ability to consolidate institutions in keeping up to $2.5 million covered by FDIC insurance per owner on one single platform. The deposit sweep program utilizes a set list of eligible banks to evenly cover the FDIC limit at each institution, while maintaining daily liquidity. Additionally, we can strategically integrate purchasing interest-bearing CDs to increase your return on capital while keeping your risk subdued. Each option offers an easy solution to expand your FDIC insurance coverage needs without having to manage multiple institutions.


FDIC Insured Deposit Sweep Program

Brokered Certificates of Deposit (CD)

Utilizes multiple banking institutions for up to $2,500,000 FDIC insured cash deposits

Like a bank CD, but offered through a brokerage account with access to multiple bank offerings

Easily aggregates cash for you without the burden of manually managing coverage

Usually 2,050 – 2,100 CDs available for purchase on primary and secondary markets

Cash is split up to the FDIC limit between a list of pre-approved eligible banks

FDIC insured up to $250,000 per account owner, per banking institution

Daily liquidity


No holding period requirements

Easy access to cash through secondary market sales



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