LGT's Coronavirus Safety Measures

Posted by Lee Ann Collins, CPA, Managing Partner on Mar 11, 2020

With the arrival of several presumptively positive cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in North Texas, I wanted to reach out and assure you of the precautions and safety measures LGT has in-place during this time of uncertainty.

First and foremost, I’m asking our firm’s staff to stay safe and be aware of their surroundings. While there are a number of variables that remain, two things are becoming much more clear: COVID-19 is transmitted easily, and the impact on our community could be significant. My main priority is, and remains, the health and welfare of our staff and clients.

With the information about this virus changing rapidly, we are taking every opportunity to stay informed and provide accurate and timely information not only to our internal staff but also our external audience as quickly as possible.

When planning ahead, there are a few things we would like for you to know: 

  • LGT for years has advocated flexible work arrangements for any staff member. We have communicated throughout our firm that if they have symptoms such as fever, sneezing, coughing, etc. they should stay home.
  • If someone is at high risk or has family members at risk or with symptoms, they are advised to stay home.
  • If anyone is concerned about commuting or being in places with large crowds of people, they are advised to stay home.
  • LGT has the technological capacity for our entire firm to work remotely, outside of the LGT office, if need be. While we're hoping it doesn't come to that, we are prepared.

Although this is the busiest time of the year with deadlines approaching, we want you to rest assured that our firm has the means and capability to meet these goals and continue to provide you with the quality service you expect from us. We remain committed to doing our best in this uncertain environment, but if there's an illness-related hiccup, please be understanding.

Thank you for your continued support and patience during this trying time. Please be healthy and safe.

For more information about the coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit the CDC resource page.


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